Women Wrestling Head Scissors


  • the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
  • (wrestle) combat to overcome an opposing tendency or force; “He wrestled all his life with his feeling of inferiority”
  • The sport or activity of grappling with an opponent and trying to throw or hold them down on the ground, typically according to a code of rules
  • wrestle: the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat; “they had a fierce wrestle”; “we watched his grappling and wrestling with the bully”


  • An action in which two things cross each other or open and close like the blades of a pair of scissors
  • a wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze
  • An instrument used for cutting cloth, paper, and other thin material, consisting of two blades laid one on top of the other and fastened in the middle so as to allow them to be opened and closed by a thumb and finger inserted through rings on the end of their handles
  • an edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades
  • a gymnastic exercise performed on the pommel horse when the gymnast moves his legs as the blades of scissors move


  • A female worker or employee
  • A wife, girlfriend, or lover
  • (woman) charwoman: a human female employed to do housework; “the char will clean the carpet”; “I have a woman who comes in four hours a day while I write”
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  • An aptitude for or tolerance of
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  • The upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs
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women wrestling head scissors

women wrestling head scissors – Women's Wrestling

Women's Wrestling – LSP-SV1 – " Muscle Motel "
Women's Wrestling - LSP-SV1 - " Muscle Motel "
(DVD is in color) “Muscle Motel” – An impetuous guy suddenly finds he’s in the wrong motel room, occupied by two dangerous dancers with muscular, man-killer legs! “Welcome to Muscle Motel”, announces Charlotte, as she displays her shapely-muscled thighs to a surprised and curious Tom. “See these legs? Imagine what they could do to you!” Realizing she now has a victim on which to vent her frustration with men, Charlotte attacks his head in a brutal flurry of neck scissor holds. Her roommate, Eva, is intrigued at the goings-on, and Charlotte confesses her secret passion to squeeze men to jelly! Annoyed by Tom’s roaming hands, she gives him what he’s looking for…more head-splitting squeezing! Charlotte then instructs a curious Eva in the proper application of a dangerous choking scissor, which Eva (a quick study!) promptly uses to plaster poor Tom with punishing effect. Sensual Charlotte finally puts him away with a reverse head scissor in a vicious demonstration of squeezing power! The two women wind up the afternoon in a furious head scissor duel! Later, Eva really pours it on, two-timing Bob with a front head scissor and he has a frantic time trying to extricate himself from Eva’s powerful legs! That evening, tall, leggy May is Tom’s companion as he drops in on Barbara-who has just finished giving poor Bob a squeezing lesson of her own! Tom tries to get a little too familiar with May’s long, muscular legs! Angered by his lecherous behavior, sexy May decides her date is in need of a good squeeze! Meantime, Bob is in trouble again! “Begging for more, are you!”, Barbara threatens, as she engulfs his head in her shapely, mesh-clad thighs! You’ll want to see the finale as both women viciously head scissor their man at the same time-in a wild squeezing spree! USE SEARCH TAG ‘LSP’ IN ‘MOVIES & TV’ TO SEE OUR FULL LINE OF VIDEOS

Wrestling bridge

Wrestling bridge
Wrestling from Germany in the early 60s.Do not know who the wrestlers are.

Wrestling bridge

Wrestling bridge
Wrestling action from Sweden in the early 50s.Nice bridge!

women wrestling head scissors

WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure
Mattel introduces a new way for kids to play with WWE® with Brawlin’ BuddiesTM. These 16-inch plush figures are soft enough to squeeze but bold enough to throw down. Kids can safely create action-packed storylines, competing against their favorite Superstars or unite to become the newest WWE® Tag Team Champions. Each figure features signature Superstar phrases recorded by the WWE® Superstars themselves and delivers battling sounds that encourage continued play with kids. Four popular Superstars including John Cena® and Rey Mysterio® will be introduced.

Now WWE fans can brawl with their favorite Superstar! This large, soft-body figure is tough enough to take tons of roughhousing and features over 10 signature sounds and phrases!
WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure
Are you tough enough to take on John Cena? View larger.WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure
Get Right in the Middle of the Action
Boys love to play out brawling with their favorite Superstars, recreating all the over-the-top action and grabbing the spotlight–just like the real guys! John Cena is one of the biggest names in WWE, and now with this oversized figure, young fans can go head to head against him in the ultimate competitions. This large plush figure “speaks” catch phrases recorded by John Cena himself (example: “You can’t see me!”) and makes “grunting” and impact sounds when struck, which adds to the authentic play. Boys can battle John Cena to become a WWE Champion!
Fun, Safe Roughhousing
Knock the stuffing out of this guy? Not a chance! The Brawlin’ Buddies John Cena plush figure is made from safe, durable materials, so he’s tough enough to take a beating, soft enough to squeeze, and bold enough to throw down. Flip him, toss him–he can keep coming back for more! The Brawlin’ Buddies are the only WWE figures that let you get in on the action!
Awesome Ways to Play
Young WWE fans are ready to wrangle! Boys can stage stunts with this John Cena figure and crash their toys while propelling the Brawlin’ Buddies figure right into them. Then build ’em up and smack ’em down again! Plus, boys will love creating action-packed stories about their exciting championship battles against the iconic, charismatic Superstar.
To expand the off-the-hook play, collect all the figures in the Brawlin’ Buddies assortment, which also includes Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Sheamus (each sold separately). Then boys can form a tag team and stage the ultimate multi-Superstar competition!
What’s in the Box
One 16-inch John Cena plush figure.
Trademark Information:
WWE® Brawlin’ Buddies™ John Cena® Rey Mysterio® Randy Orton® Sheamus™
WWE Brawlin' Buddies
John Cena Plush Figure
At a Glance:
Figure talks with John Cena’s real voice
Features over 10 sounds and phrases
Soft, plush construction is tough…on fun!
Designed with the Superstar’s signature ring attire
Hours of over-the-top action, creative play, and larger-than-life excitement for your WWE fan!
Age/Weight Requirements:
Three years and up
Assembly Requirements:
Three AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries (included)
Brawl With Your Favorite WWE Superstars!
WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure
John Cena
WWE Brawlin' Buddies Rey Mysterio Plush Figure
Rey Mysterio
WWE Brawlin' Buddies Randy Orton Plush Figure
Randy Orton
WWE Brawlin' Buddies Sheamus Plush Figure